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Last Thursday we already said that the sailors would be coming in groups during the folowing day. And it was right. The beach is almost filled with boats of the Laser class. The sailors are finishing the preparations so that tomorrow, the 29th of September, they can begin with the official sailing day. The majority of them have arrived and in Roses, they breathe relaxed. Why? It’s because the “Tramuntana” is not blowing anymore.

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In the few hours that the sailors, volunteers and members of the comitee are being together, one can hear already the wispers in the groups of volunteers about the excellent behaviour of the sailors. With enthusiasm, good behaviour and with a big smile, one can achieve anything. The masters know how to do it…



Roses and the Costa Brava have a special attraction. Just ask the majority of the participants of this World Championship and they will fully agree with you. Most sailors have come accompanied by their partners. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity to come to Roses and enjoy the environment while the sailors are navigating. The organisation has prepared several social activities which go parallel to the league.
They have done all the effort to provide them with a pleasant stay so that it will be unforgettable

Six of the Champions of the last World Championship in Korea are in Roses to defend their title.

The World Championship in Roses welcomes the most multitudinous event in the history and has the honour of counting with six of the seven World Champions of the last World Championship to defend their title. Below the list of honour of  the winners in Korea.

Laser Standard 

1º Brett Beyer (AUS)

1º Brodie Cobb (USA)*     (no in Roses)

Grand Máster
1º Doug Peckover (USA)
Laser Radial

]1º Steve Cockerill (GBR)

1º Greg Adams (AUS)

Grand Máster
1º Alden Shattuck (AUS)

Great Grand Master
1º Kerry Waraker (AUS)


Mr. Manuel Pedreira, director of the Laser Master World Championship

Technical advisor of the Catalan Sailing Federation and technical director of the Olympic Games  Barcelona ’92. At the moment director of the nautical club of Roses (GEN) and during the Laser Master Championship in charge as director of the league.

Finally we have reached the start of the league after months of work in the shadow, no?
That’s right... Now nothing more has to be done. The boats for rent are on the beach, the volunteers are working, we have only to connect a few computers and finish off some papers and that’s it. Only the nerves are still there!

They were expecting about 200 registrations (an estimate in march 2.007) and now there are 422……
On one side, one has to think of the responsibility which is very important. I can tell you, when you look at me and think of the harsh reality, it’s a madness we have gone into it. If we had thought better we would have needed at least one year to organise a championship like this. But you always trust in your people, that they respond. But I must say, that when I spoke with the president about the league, he confessed, that they had reconsidered the future of the class and that we were the first ones who answered positively to their expectations and they at ours…… And that assures me that we did not make a mistake when we decided to bring the world championship to Roses.

With such a great number of participants, does this requiere a special surveillance in everything?
Yes, first of all a special surveillance at sea. The lifeboats, the inflatable boats, dealing with companies in the last moment to let us have their boats, also with the clubs it has been very important and one never values sufficiently that some colleagues of other clubs offer the assistance with a director or judge or their best lifeboat to participate in the world championship. If one had to pay all this it would be impossible. This way it is a challenge to organise this sort of things. To accept and to defeat these challenges.

If you had to thank somebody.. . Who do you think of?
In the first place of the volunteers and of the all the persons who like to do things for the sailing sport and give all their energy; because this is the most important what we do: the promotion of the sailing, we are clubs but, without them, it would not be possible. When we have a club of 150 members and 80 of them are volunteers, it is clear that without them we could not survive… also thanks to Gerardo Pombo, president of the Spanish Sail Federation and to Henin Wellman, president of the international association because they have confidence in us. Also thanks to … Paco Carrasco and Quique Mas, the new president of the class in Spain, to the former president of the GEN, Eloi Borràs and the new president Mateu Casañas; to the former mayor of Roses Carles Páramo who was the mayor when we applied for the organisation of the world championship and to the present mayor Magda Casamitjana. All these changes are realized in six months and no one of them have failed and have worked hard at every moment. A special thanks I would like to give to the colleagues of the committee who are really a “gran equipo”. A lot of professionals would like to have a team like this.

Talking about the aspect of the sport…. Three participants of the GEN in this championship…..
It really means o lot to us to have three participants in the championship. Three persons believing in what we are doing and also the three of them are working as a committee member. But I think it is the result of the effort of the GEN of Roses for the master championship and that it respond to the expectations.
But there is another thing, we have young members between 12 and 16 years who were trained at the club and are working as volunteers. Also thay are asking if they can go sailing in spite of the tramuntana ….   I cannot be more proud.

Can you point out a favorite to win the championship?
It is difficult. All of the competitors are veterans and with a lot of experience. Perhaps an Englishman, a New Zealander, a Dutchman… but all of them are good … some of them have participated in many world championships, with olympic teams.. there are sailors who have been here for one month with their trainers… the match will be hard.

Two regatta fields.. How will the league be?
The truth is that the participants will not expect a field like the one we will have. Here we are not in the pacific. Here will be a regatta field with a little wind and no waves. It is more like a lake like in Switzerland or in the interior of the United States but with salty water.
Therefore I cannot indicate any favourite. The people who are used to interior waters are expecting waves in the bay of Roses but they will not find them. It will be pure mediterranean. From the quay with normal weather conditions one will see more then 400 boats with the mountains in the background.

150 charter boats

More than 150 volunteers are contributing in this Championship. Again, the inhabitants of Roses and sailing lovers are participating with enthusiasm so that this event, which is indeed the most multitudinare in the history of the town, is of a complete success.
More than 140 boats have been rented.
Due to the many different countries participating in this World Championship and the difficulties of the transport of the boats, the organization has arranged the rent of the boats to offer the sailors a helping hand. This way, the participants who come from far, can, if they wish, rent a boat, and in this way, they can avoid the transport of their own boats and the belongings. More than 140 boats have taken the advantage to use this service, so that the GEN had to make a big effort to manage it all.


Although a big group of sailors will arrive next Friday 28th of September, the first ones  have already arrived by road or by plane. The way the boats arrive by road, you can see at the photo which is shown. The British, very witty, use every tiny corner to put their boat. This van has loaded even 12 boats with their trailers, masts, sails, etc.

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