EuroChallenge O'pen BIC - Roses 6th - 9th April 2017 - Results & Pictures

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Roses, gener de 2017.

Parental_Permission_Form_Open_Bic_EuroChallenge_2017.pdf166.98 KB
2017-04-06_NOR_Euro_Challenge_Final.pdf312 KB
2017-04-03 Pre-inscrits EuroChallenge OB 2017.pdf104.71 KB
Official Allocations GEN Roses.pdf908.68 KB
OPEN BIC EURO Challenge 2017 - Notice to the sailors.pdf1.48 MB
Program Social events EuroChallenge.pdf481.36 KB
2017-04-06 SI Open BIC eurochallenge Roses final.pdf506.54 KB
Eurochallenge Open BIC - Aviso n.1.pdf460.92 KB
2017-04-03 U13 Classificacions Euro Challenge Prova 3.pdf137.09 KB
2017-04-03 U17 Classificacions Euro Challenge Prova 3.pdf248.22 KB
U13 Results after 7 races.pdf147.88 KB
U17 Results after 8 races.pdf180.47 KB
Euro Challenge Open BIC Roses U17 Results after 12 races.pdf258.63 KB
Euro Challenge Open BIC Roses U13 Results after 10 races.pdf214.1 KB